Women's Federation for World Peace UK
WFWP is an NGO in general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN.
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The ‘WFWP Speech Contest for Young Women in the UK’ began in 2015 as a project to expand our educational activities. WFWP wanted to give young women an opportunity to speak in public about their opinions, beliefs and values. The contest enables women (aged between 18 and 39) to demonstrate their eloquence, ability to grasp relevant content and to persevere with dedication from the initial application to the final speech on a stage before a live audience. We believe that this process will be an educational and rewarding experience for those that choose to take part.

by Jody Dontje- Founder of The Help Nepal Appeal
International Humanitarian, Life Coach and Teacher


My name is Jody Dontje and I am an International Humanitarian, Life Coach, Teacher, Co-Founder of and the Founder of a non-for-profit charity called The Help Nepal Appeal. I had the immense pleasure and privilege of attending the 2017 WFWP EU Conference in Portugal. No words can describe the soul-enriching gratitude I feel for having been able to experience such a conference, as I was also sponsored by the WFWP in London due to winning the 2017 Speech Contest about ‘Women’s Issues in Today’s Society’.

The increasing sexualisation of society, and its impact on our young people". Recognising the UN Day for Youth. WFWP Women's Peace Meeting. Birmingham, UK Thursday August 10th, 2017, saw great interest, and a full house, for our Women's Peace Meeting, discussing a very thought-provoking and emotive topic  -  'The Increasing Sexualisation of our Society', connecting to the UN International Youth Day. 

21st Annual Women’s Conference for Peace in the Middle East

21st Annual Women's Conference for Peace in the Middle East July 5-7, 2017 in Vienna, Austria. Representatives from 18 nations in the Middle East as well as delegates from Korea, Japan and several European countries attended, which was held at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna. The conference, which is mainly sponsored by WFWP Japan, is focused on empowering women in their efforts as peacemakers in their communities.