Women's Federation for World Peace UK
WFWP is an NGO in general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN.

WFWPU 25th Anniversary Celebration

Mrs. Tina Coombes was our MC for the day and she did a splendid job. We first watched the WFWPI introductory video, then Mrs Mitty Tohma, WFWP President in UK read Prof Yeon Ah Nim's Address which she gave at the One UN Building in March during the CSW. She shared some of the following important message:


At this special occasion I would also like to convey our Co- Founders’ Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s great appreciation and also warm encouragement to all of you, who have tirelessly worked in order to raise up this organisation to its maturity of 25 years, conveying motherly care to the whole world.

As we celebrate today it is also an opportunity for us to reflect and to think ahead ,where we go from here:

A motherly heart and caring never stops. Therefore Mother Moon emphasises feminine leadership and education of the next generation.  Feminine leadership comes from a motherly heart and caring attitude and goes beyond gender That includes male leaders. They are no exception.

What kind of education are we talking about? Our Founder says: “We all wish for a free world, a united, peaceful world. However, if you look at the current state of the world, walls between religions and cultures and borders exist between countries. Nations are putting their own benefit first hindering the pursuit of a united world.

What happened to the dream that you and Heaven held? Originally the true owner of the world was God. From all created things to all human beings, all belongs to God.

However, humankind does not know that. They do not understand the relationship between God and humanity. That is why, throughout history, countless divisions and wars between nations have occurred. Nations’ selfishness in pursuing only their own interests has pushed harmony and unity further away. This has been the history of civilisation.When you look at the state of the world today, there is no centre. Small nations and larger nations only think of their own interests.

However, today, we have gathered here under one large dream which means that you are dreaming the same dream as God, our original Heavenly Parent. We are in a parent-child relationship with God. You are able to be God’s children.
That means that all the problems of the world will heal in reality, through True Parents and especially feminine leadership originating from motherly and caring hearts. Through educating and healing with a parental heart, this movement will create a world of harmony and sustainable peace.

I pray that you will become proud mothers of nations who will save the people of your nation and community through the implementation of the lifestyle of living for the sake of others.

This was followed by, Mrs Taeko Duckworth introduced the Young Women's Speech Contest. Our annual conference which empowers young women to speak out about their opinions on current issues, this year's contest will be addressing the 'Role of women in society'

An awards ceremony followed, where many sisters were recognised for their dedication during the 25 years since WFWP was inaugurated. Many people were moved as they reflected on the past 25 years at the start of the next 25 years' course.

Mrs. Christa Rennie read a few congratulatory remarks which were sent in by Barbara Zaccarelli the former president if wfwp Uk and Shelagh Weedall our former Vice President, the founding members, which was followed by some beautiful entertainment from two of our younger women Dong Soon Chen, Hannah Gough and from our long standing supporter Mr. Bernard Chellew, who led us into a joyful time of singing and dancing together.

A buffet dinner was served afterwards to close.

Report by Helena Stout