Women's Federation for World Peace UK
WFWP is an NGO in general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN.
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The Top Three finalists of the Speech Contest in 2017

If you are a young woman living in the UK we want to give you the opportunity to share your beliefs, values and ideas on stage before an audience. We believe that this will be an educational and rewarding experience to demonstrate a high level of eloquence, grasp relevant content and step out of your comfort zone. 

WFWP held a seminar to examine and recognise the value of ‘Mindfulness’ Yoga and Tai Chi as a positive influence on people’s lives. The event was held at the Multi Cultural Community Centre in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK. Organised by the Watford Bridge of Peace, the topic was "Conversations on Wellbeing and Mindfulness".

Women’s Federation UK Music, Art and Charity event

by Alla Zubovskis. On Saturday on 24th March, at Livingstone House, in Bromley, the WFWP had a fundraising event to support missionary work with children in refugee camps in Jordan. It was a first event organised by me as a new Women’s Federation Bromley coordinator.

WFWP Workshop practiced and learned about health eercises to relinquish stress and anxiety, and how to deal with them. The WFWP held workshops on feeling well, reduce stress, improve sleep at the South London Peace Embassy. The workshop also explored understanding the signs of depression and anxiety and how to deal with them.