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WFWP is an NGO in general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN.

WFWP and UN International Women’s Day

The Legacy of Women in a Transitional World


2 - 5 pm Saturday 10th March 2018

43 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NA

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Speech Contest Winners


If you are a young woman living in the UK we want to give you the opportunity to share your beliefs, values and ideas on stage before an audience. We believe that this will be an educational and rewarding experience to demonstrate a high level of eloquence, grasp relevant content and step out of your comfort zone.

WFWP's Birmingham Council of Faiths during UK’s ‘National Interfaith Week' We watched a film about reconciliation in Nigeria and talk about peace, forgiveness. We were asked by the Birmingham Council of Faiths, to support the UK’s ‘National Interfaith Week’. We decided to show a remarkable film about reconciliation in Nigeria.

The WFWP Christmas party was a great success this year, the capacity audience  of fifty five enjoyed some nice musical performances by Amabel Vitae (Have yourself a Merry Christmas), Eileen Walkin (Poem: Peace in our world), ten year old Vaishnavi playing a  Christmas medley on violin and singing “Colours of the Wind” and three young girls, Garima, Agrima and Anita singing ‘Silent Night’.

WFWPI UN Autumn Newsletter

Women’s Federation for World Peace International Autumn Edition Newsletter

Contents Listing:

Reconciliation and Middle East Peace: A Remarkable Model

Conflict at Heart of Hunger Crisis 

The 17th Annual WFWP-Europe Women’s Leadership Conference 

Lisbon, Portugal, 2 - 5 novembre 2017 

Role of Women Leaders and Mothers to Facilitate Cohesion and Integration in Europe

Nearly 140 participants came from over 23 countries in Europe, Middle East and Northeast Asia to assess the current “integration” crisis with its many strains on personal and social development. Women leaders, representing all facets of society, met to share their knowledge and best practices toward finding sustainable solutions and implementing them in partnership with governments and social institutions. 

The ‘WFWP Speech Contest for Young Women in the UK’ began in 2015 as a project to expand our educational activities. WFWP wanted to give young women an opportunity to speak in public about their opinions, beliefs and values. 

by Jody Dontje- Founder of The Help Nepal Appeal
International Humanitarian, Life Coach and Teacher


My name is Jody Dontje and I am an International Humanitarian, Life Coach, Teacher, Co-Founder of and the Founder of a non-for-profit charity called The Help Nepal Appeal. I had the immense pleasure and privilege of attending the 2017 WFWP EU Conference in Portugal. No words can describe the soul-enriching gratitude I feel for having been able to experience such a conference, as I was also sponsored by the WFWP in London due to winning the 2017 Speech Contest about ‘Women’s Issues in Today’s Society’.

The increasing sexualisation of society, and its impact on our young people". Recognising the UN Day for Youth. WFWP Women's Peace Meeting. Birmingham, UK Thursday August 10th, 2017, saw great interest, and a full house, for our Women's Peace Meeting, discussing a very thought-provoking and emotive topic  -  'The Increasing Sexualisation of our Society', connecting to the UN International Youth Day. 

21st Annual Women’s Conference for Peace in the Middle East

21st Annual Women's Conference for Peace in the Middle East July 5-7, 2017 in Vienna, Austria. Representatives from 18 nations in the Middle East as well as delegates from Korea, Japan and several European countries attended, which was held at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna. The conference, which is mainly sponsored by WFWP Japan, is focused on empowering women in their efforts as peacemakers in their communities.


WFWPU 25th Anniversary Celebration

Mrs. Tina Coombes was our MC for the day and she did a splendid job. We first watched the WFWPI introductory video, then Mrs Mitty Tohma, WFWP President in UK read Prof Yeon Ah Nim's Address which she gave at the One UN Building in March during the CSW. She shared some of the following important message:

WFWP & Birmingham Iranian Club Cultural Fair

Our local Birmingham WFWP Women's Peace Group has entered into a genuine partnership with the city's Iranian Club, supporting each others' events, to our mutual benefit. I was invited to have a stall at this year's Cultural Fair, to teach craft-making skills to Iranian women, young and old. They were amazingly creative, as you can see from the photos, making beautiful cards of all descriptions.