Women's Federation for World Peace UK
WFWP is an NGO in general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN.

The WFWP Christmas party was a great success this year, the capacity audience  of fifty five enjoyed some nice musical performances by Amabel Vitae (Have yourself a Merry Christmas), Eileen Walkin (Poem: Peace in our world), ten year old Vaishnavi playing a  Christmas medley on violin and singing “Colours of the Wind” and three young girls, Garima, Agrima and Anita singing ‘Silent Night’.

The message this year, “A Message of Hope”, was delivered by Mrs Jenny Thompson who made the point that the role of good works is to point to God inside us, and that only when we go beyond seeking material benefits can we partner with God and allow Him to work with us.

Nigel Barrett was quiz master for a very entertaining and challenging general knowledge quiz, and Ashley Crosthwaite gave a moving presentation of the incredible work that he and IRFF are doing in Uganda. 

In just a few years they have built a school for 120 pupils from nothing and have expanded from that to a local mobile medical team that is treating hundreds of people in the surrounding villages.

The afternoon ended in with a delicious curry and salad made by WFWP volunteers, and a raffle which raised £300 for Destiny Junior School in Uganda.

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