WFWP's Birmingham Council of Faiths during UK’s ‘National Interfaith Week' We watched a film about reconciliation in Nigeria and talk about peace, forgiveness. We were asked by the Birmingham Council of Faiths, to support the UK’s ‘National Interfaith Week’. We decided to show a remarkable film about reconciliation in Nigeria.

It was a wonderful film, and also a really good way to then talk about peace, forgiveness, etc. It’s worth getting as a resource for meetings. It’s produced by Initiatives of Change, formerly Moral Rearmament, one of several good productions they have made.

The event was advertised by the local Council of Faiths, as well as on the Interfaith Network nationally. We have gradually improved our relationship with the IN, and I have had 2 or 3 good conversations with the Director, Harriet Crabtree, who is a lovely person. She really likes our women’s work, and has said that she would be happy to talk at the Women’s Peace Meeting, if the timing is right.

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