Women's Federation for World Peace UK
WFWP is an NGO in general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN.


WFWP are dedicated to giving women "the knowledge, the tools and the support needed to create peace at home, peace in our communities, our nations and throughout the world".

Through WFWP education programs like seminars, forums, workshops, skills training and by engaging and uplifting young women, the WFWP directs its activities toward furthering the understanding of human rights issues, including women’s rights and value perspectives. WFWP also advocates and campaigns for the dignity of women, as well as sponsor and facilitate parenting and relationship skills programs in partnership with affiliated organisations.

We consider the status of the family as crucial for the wellbeing and cohesion of any society or nation. Therefore, we promote and support initiatives toward reviving true family values and the empowerment of women to fulfil their central roles in the family and community.


WFWP young people

WFWP engages in assisting projects which promote the development of today’s youth enabling their participation as active citizens and we particularly work to involve young women and uplift them and their role in society. In an ever developing culture, the young women of Britain are growing up faster, becoming more successful, earning more money, and challenging the social constraints of the past. We aim to educate and encourage young women to take an active role in their communities so that they can become global leaders and contribute to creating a society where women can play key roles in building a culture of peace.

Our young women in the UK have taken part in and have lead their own projects including coffee mornings, fundraising events, conferences in the House of Commons, attending and leading workshops in international assemblies and more.

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Global Women's Peace Network

The Global Women’s Peace Network’s (GWPN) aim is to build a body of NGO leaders whose collective wisdom and judgment can complement the deliberations of the United Nations, which is a body of government representatives and is overwhelmingly male. Such a consultative body could promote healing and peace-building through reconciliation, forgiveness, love and embracing people beyond boundaries of race, religion, nationality, and language.


Women's Middle East Peace Initiative

WFWP Middle East Peace Initiative

In January of 2004, WFWP established the "Women’s Middle East Peace Initiative" (WMEPI) and, understanding the importance of that area in history, as well as in current affairs, determined to focus its attention on the Middle East. A Declaration for Peace was drafted. WMEPI was formally launched with events in Los Angeles and Washington DC, entitled, "Women as Peacemakers: Building Bridges of Peace in the Middle East." The Declaration traveled "around the world in 28 days", with Norma Foster, WFWP, USA National Advisor, as she took it to international conferences in Switzerland and Israel. WFWP, USA co-sponsored the "Women of Peace" program, in May of 2004, which brought together 526 women from 41 nations. During the Fifth Annual WFWPI International Leaders Workshop, held in Austria, in September of 2004, a decision was made to collect one million signatures worldwide for the Declaration for Peace. This campaign aims to turn the minds and hearts of women throughout the world to focus their support on the Middle East; to highlight the need for women to be more involved on all levels of the peacemaking process throughout the world; as well as to encourage women to use their God-given nature to advance peace in the Middle East and throughout the world.

Speech Contest

The ‘WFWP Speech Contest for Young Women in the UK’ was established in 2015 in order to expand the horizon of our educational activities by giving young women an opportunity to speak in public about their opinions, beliefs and values. Through this contest women (aged between 18 and 39) demonstrate their eloquence, ability to grasp relevant content and to persevere with dedication from the initial application to the final speech on a stage before a live audience. We believe that this process will be an educational and rewarding experience for those that choose to take part.

There is a monetary prize for first, second and third places as well as the opportunity for the winning candidate to present their speech at WFWP UK conferences which include locations like the House of Commons.

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